setting up multiX on a linux system

  • It is good practice to create a personal ~/bin directory containing all binaries, including the executable multiX

  • the executable files must be labelled as executable: chmod a+x multiX

  • the programs in then ~/bin directory can be invoked from any working directory by their names, when this line is present in the .bashrc file while using the standard bash shell for linux work:
    declare -x PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:.

    running multiX

    create a file INPUT, see other sections of this manual for details
    an interactive multiX run with output right on screen, can be done like this:
    multiX |tee log_label_for_this_run
    The file log_label_for_this_run keeps a record for this calculation,
    including a record of the INPUT file
    Longer multiX runs may be done in background:
    multiX >& log_label_for_this_run &
    The spectrum files like spect-xas.dat can be processed into a postscript graphics file,
    plt_mult xas
    and shown on your screen by:

    installing a virtual linux computer on Mac OS or Windows

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